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Keeping Your Conventional Septic System in Great Shape

Conventional septic systems are simple and logically designed, which is why they've been around for many years. When you need conventional septic pumping, installation, and repair services, you can count on the pros at A-1 Cleaning & Septic Systems to take care of everything for you. Since 1977, our Tomball, Texas, company has provided our clientele with effective services and attentive customer care.

Conventional Septic Service

Conventional septic systems should be pumped on a yearly or bi-yearly basis to ensure proper operation. When you're in need of pumping services, we'll handle everything for you from start to finish. Our standard conventional pumping service is priced at $160 per 500 gallon tank in but pricing may be discounted for additional tanks.

All conventional septic repair, replacement, and installation work performed is covered under our service guarantee. We guarantee that the job will be done correctly and fully or we will do it again free of charge. Any part replacements are covered under a one-year manufacturer's warranty. Once we've completed our work, it's important to maintain your system. We recommend that you read over our list of septic do's and don'ts for a better understanding of how to care for a septic system. In addition to standard septic services, we do perform line jetting and vacuuming, as well as lift station work. Get in touch with us to find out more about our other services.

Septic Tank Installation

Ensure Waste Decomposition

In order to ensure that your solid waste decomposes properly, it's important to introduce new colonies of bacteria and enzymes to your system on a monthly basis. We offer packages of bacteria and enzymes starting at $80 each for a one-year supply. For your convenience, these are broken into pre-measured packages, with one package set aside for each month.

Constructing Septic Tank Sealing Septic Tank Finished Septic Tank