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Your First Choice for Aerobic Septic Service

An aerobic septic system is an effective choice for many residential property owners. In many cases this type of system has replaced the older conventional system. However, these systems feature more components than conventional septic tanks. In order to ensure the proper maintenance and care of your aerobic system, it's important to work with an experienced company. At  A-1 Cleaning & Septic Systems in Tomball, Texas, we provide a wide range of services to meet your needs. In addition to aerobic septic work, our company works on conventional systems as well.

Aerobic Septic Service

With a complete aerobic septic installation from our company, you can be certain that your system will last for years to come. We're currently offering a one-year residential maintenance contract for $225, or a two year for $400. Maintenance contracts are required by the state and county in order to verify the systems meet septic standards. We offer aerobic pump outs for a standard 500 GPD system limited to 1,500 gallons for only $425. We also offer a variety of deals 

All aerobic pump replacements come with a two-year warranty on parts and installation. All Part replacements come with a one-year warranty.  Warranties are available for both residential and commercial work, but the above prices are for residential systems only; get in touch with us to request commercial prices.

Aerobic Septic Tank

Avoid System Failure

With the right care approach, we'll be able to keep your aerobic system in good shape. Malfunctioning floats and aerators could lead to complete system failure; having our company repair these components in a timely manner is critical. Please bear in mind that if your household uses more than 70 percent of a system's water capability, the entire system will be overloaded, causing excessive waste buildup. As sludge is pumped through your system, it will damage your aerobic pump, sprinklers, and drip lines. Prevent these and other problems from developing by scheduling a septic inspection today.